TTL Computer is a under construction project completely "homemade". The design and the physical construction are curated by Alessio Lombardo, a student of the Industrial Technical Institute - Computer Specialization.

The project is currently divided in two versions:

The project is modular, that is, its parts are divisible and separately modifiable. It is divided in "sections" that is, a group of interconnected Cards. The Sections are connected together with connectors. The cards are simple stripboards of standard size (160x100 or 220x100) except the card "panel" of the "Control" section (in card stock).

Currently, the "Lite" version is complete, and the "Full" version is still in design.

Section Card Size Lite Version Full Version State
Registers Control Unit (RCU) 160X100 X X Complete
Registers A (RRA) Complete
Registers B (RRB) Complete
Data Bus (RDB) Complete
ALU Core (AC) 160X100 X X Complete
Internal Bus (AIB) Complete
Register (AR) Complete
Control Board (CB) 220X100 X   Complete
Panel (CP) Complete

Architecture of TTL Computer Lite

The TTL Computer Lite, as can be seen from the table above, consists of three sections: Registers, ALU, and Control. In this version of the project, the calculations are performed manually with the switches that are located in the Control section.


Logic Diagram of Computer TTL Lite and 3D graphical representation

Architecture of TTL Computer Full

Under design...

The "Sections" of TTL Computer